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  • alexandrasketch:

    My piece for Glitch Pokezine.  It’s Pokemon 7PKMN 'v.

    From Bulbapedia: a dual-type Water/Poison Glitch Pokémon in Red and Blue. It can only be obtained via the Johto guard glitch with Bellossom. If it were traded to Yellow, it would become 4, ゥァ (DD).

    Its sprite is that of a Tentacruel, and it shares the same types. Its index number is 221 and its Pokédex number is 073. Upon leveling up, it learns several Super Glitch attacks.”

    I used the glitch’s origins as inspiration for this piece: I can only imagine what a painful and scary experience would be to travel back in time and transform into a whole different species. Opted to use the original sprites colors to convey the fact that the glitch occurs in Pokemon Red and Blue.

    (Source: alexandrasalas.deviantart.com, via mortgagetrader8)

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